Porter Biggleswade is a paranormal investigator. She makes no apology. She can also see ghosts. She makes no apology for that either. Her sceptics, and there are many, wish she'd spend her time indulging Sauvignon Blanc rather than the impressionable, but Porter's happy to do both. And she certainly makes no apology for that!


Porter lives in York, where residents feel the snub if they don’t have a ghostly squatter or two. Their concerns certainly keep her busy. But while some hauntings can be blamed on faulty wiring, not everything can be so easily explained. Ghosts are unpredictable and sometimes dangerous, something our investigator found out the hard way.

If you love a good ghost story, don’t miss these haunting reads!


First Book

Second Book

Third Book

‘The characters are brilliantly drawn, the storylines are intriguing and the writing is full of wry humour which I really enjoyed.'

Stuart W (Goodreads)



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